Guaranteed Ride Program

What is a guaranteed ride? A Guaranteed Ride means exactly what it says: If you are a monthly Shore Line East or UniRail ticket holder and need a ride from work or a weekend activity because of an emergency - such as illness, family crisis, or having to work late unexpectedly - we'll provide a ride to your departing train station, home or wherever you need to go. The best news is, it's free! So stop worrying and enjoy the ride! Here's how to get your free Guaranteed Ride:

  1. Call 1-800-ALL-RIDE (1-800-255-7433) weekdays between 5 AM and 11 PM, and weekends & holidays from 7 AM – 11 PM.
  2. Tell the representative the serial number and type of your monthly (Shore Line East or UniRail) train ticket as well as the reason you need a ride.
  3. The representative will arrange for a taxi to pick you up and take you to your destination. Your fare, plus a gratuity, will be paid at no cost for you.