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Updates on What's Going on at Shore Line East

A new Shore Line East Weekday timetable will take effect Monday, April 23, 2018.

The following are notes regarding the new schedule:

  • Amtrak will begin a major track work program between New Haven and Old Saybrook, affecting both Shore Line East and Amtrak customers.
  • 14 weekday trains will be replaced by buses beginning on Monday, April 23, 2018 and continuing every weekday through November, 2018. Weekend trains are not affected at this time.
  • Morning buses will leave earlier than current train schedule and travel time will be slightly longer.
  • Any valid Shore Line East ticket will be accepted for travel on these buses.
  • Double-check the schedule for possible minor train time changes.
  • Refer to New Haven Line schedules for NHL schedule changes.
  • Select Amtrak trains allow cross-honoring of Shore Line East Multi-Ride tickets.
  • All trains at Guilford Station will board on track 4 only.
  • Students at participating U-Pass CT schools can use the U-Pass aboard ALL Shore Line East trains. It is NOT accepted aboard any Amtrak train, including those trains listed on the schedule that accept Shore Line East Multi-Ride tickets. More details at

Please click here for more details.

Download NEW Schedule Effective April 23 2018 Here Download NEW Schedule Effective April 23 2018 Here

Download Current Schedule HereDownload Current Schedule Here