Shore Line East Uni-Rail Ticketing Information

Do you commute past New Haven? If so, you can save up to $51* a month.
If you live east of New Haven and work west of New Haven, it makes even more sense than ever to commute by train. Our combination Shore Line East/Metro-North UniRail Ticket saves you up to $51 a month. And, with no traffic, weather, car or parking problems and expenses, it's a great transportation bargain.

UniRail tickets are available at New Haven's Union Station, at any New Haven Line ticket window, and through Metro-North's Mail&Ride program. For further information on the Mail & Ride program, contact Metro-North at 1-212-532-4900.

UniRail Fares Effective January 1, 2015

New Fares

NEW - Discounted Student Monthly Tickets are available for purchase for students 18 years old or younger. Proof of age and student school ID Card required (not valid for college students).